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Kits offer a monthly subscription to a variety of premium, eco-friendly EverydayHappy products, all of which are delivered straight to your door. You can save up to 40% by choosing to bundle and decide when and how often your Kit ships. Cancel anytime!


Diaper Care Kit

Ensure your baby's healthy start with our all-natural, toxin- and carcinogen-free Diaper Care Kit. Delivered straight to your door!


Family Care Kit

Protect your child's health and the environment with our natural, non-toxic baby products, delivered right to your door.


Wellness Care Kit

If you're too busy making sure your kid's diet is fantastic to put a lot of time into your own, don't worry! Our Multivitamins and Omega 3s have you covered.

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We Give Happiness

Sharing the belief that no child is too far and that all kids have the right to be happy and healthy, we’ve proudly partnered with UNICEF to help those in need. That means you’re not just taking care of your family with EverydayHappy, you’re also providing for families all over the world.

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We give Happiness