Our Identity

Moms and Dads On a Mission

We're a diverse group of environmentally-minded parents who believe in leading by example.
That's why we founded EverydayHappy.

We’re a group of moms and dads who want nothing but the best for our kids. With a deep respect for healthy, sustainable living, we want the best for our planet, too. Though it might sound cheesy, we really do think that kids are the future.

We’re a pretty diverse team: Stay-at-home parents, entrepreneurs, athletes, programmers, academics, writers, artists, dreamers -- we span all walks of life. And yet, despite our differences, our mission to provide a healthy, happy, beautiful world for our children has brought us together.

Established in 2013, EverydayHappy is the result of an intense collaboration between all of our different talents. We put all of our energy into researching, testing and refining our products, then we did it all over again until we were satisfied. Our kids can’t read labels, so it’s our responsibility to make sure they’re only exposed to safe, natural ingredients.

By living mindfully, we’re making life truly meaningful for our kids. What we’ve built is a promise -- to make every day happy for them, and for those who want to join us.

The EverydayHappy Team

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