Our Commitment

We Take Our Responsibility Seriously

It's our goal to make eco-friendly lifestyles easier for parents,
and we're committing to these practices to ensure that we do.

Lending a hand to save children's lives Lending a Hand

Planting the seeds of environmental and social consciousness can help your children learn good things from the very start. We believe in leading by example, so providing naturally sourced, biodegradable products is our way of making this happen. We also believe in giving back, so we’ve partnered with UNICEF to help children in need. You’re not only changing your baby’s diapers, you’re changing the way he’ll see the world. And we want to be a part of that.

Saving children's lives

Baby holding a flower Nature Knows Best

We believe big changes start in small ways. We are a proud supporting member of the Organic Trade Association, and wholeheartedly endorse their cause. They play an essential role in promoting the value of organic farming to those who can change the conversation in the modern agricultural industry.

EverydayHappy is an associate member of the Organic Trade Association Promoting natural ingredients

Kids lying on grass and laughing Kids lying on grass and laughing

All Life Is Important

We share PETA's belief that all animals should be treated ethically. With them, we take an uncompromising stand on animal rights and support their efforts to stop animal abuse. We do not test our products on animals, and believe that there is no reason why anyone should. That's why we're certified cruelty-free, and always will be.

Cruelty Free Logo Supporting animal rights

Doing Our Best

We believe that quality baby care is an important part of parenting. We’ve made naturally-sourced, carcinogen-free products to ensure that what you have in your home is as pure as what you have in your heart. Our products have been thoughtfully designed to be effective and dependable, but don’t compromise on style or affordability.

Quality first