Our Social Efforts

Giving Is an Honor

We're a proud supporter of UNICEF,
and are privileged to be a part of their continued efforts.

Our goal is to help make life easier for as many families as possible. Sharing the belief that no child is too far and that all kids have the right to be happy and healthy, we’ve partnered with UNICEF to broaden our impact. We have pledged to match every donation made through the EverydayHappy site, which doubles the effect of your support.

As a matching supporter, we’ve been able to provide thousands of mothers and children with these vital survival gifts:

Sleeping Baby - New Life Bundle 1New Life Bundle

This vital kit supplies a maternity ward with medical supplies and equipment, basic drugs, and sterilization and resuscitation equipment for the safe delivery of five babies.

Smiling Mother - New Mother Pack 2New Mother Pack

Ensure babies get the best start in life by helping mothers protect them before they are born. Mothers receive HIV testing and tetanus vaccines, helping protect their child from devastating diseases that can be contracted during birth.

Sleeping Babies - Blankets for Babies 3Blankets for Babies

Keep babies snug and warm with a set of three blankets. This gift will wrap babies in comfort and security, protecting them from cold and sickness.

There’s so much more we want to do, so please join us in helping those in need.
With your support, we can make a real difference.

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