Our Values

8 Values Create Our Philosophy

We’ve brought these eight ideas together in all that we do.
We believe a healthy, happy, beautiful world starts with families.

Healthy Living

A new addition to the family can often be a wake-up call, a reminder that good health is the key to happiness. That’s why we’re committed to delivering high quality, natural products made from sustainable materials that will protect your whole family’s health. All EverydayHappy products are natural and free of carcinogenic materials.


Happiness for mothers and babies is important to us. EverydayHappy’s vision is a world filled with happy moms and babies. Our job is to make family living as simple and pleasant as possible, so you can fully enjoy the amazing experience of being a mom. We promise that the products and services we bring to your home will always exceed expectations, reminding you at every moment that we care as much as you do.

Simply Beautiful

We think that being beautiful should be easy. Parenting can be stressful, and sometimes, it’s difficult to feel that way. We’ve created products that are inspired by the beauty of nature and developed to preserve it. We want you to look and feel great so you’re not searching for beauty - you are beauty.

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Absolute Convenience

The fast-paced, hectic routine of being a mom can sometimes leave you with little time for the things you love most, so we’ve designed our service to be accessible and convenient. We deliver the best products to your door, every month, so you have more time to spend doing the things you want with the people you love.

Positive Impact

We’re fully committed to creating a better world for your kids to grow up in. EverydayHappy products are hand-crafted using natural, eco-friendly, sustainable materials, and affordability and peace of mind are included with every delivery. We believe in doing our part to preserve the planet, not just for our children and your children, but for generations of children to come.

Great Value

Starting a family can be expensive, but great products don’t have to break the bank. We believe in making products that all families can afford without compromising on quality. At prices up to 40% cheaper than other leading brands, EverydayHappy products deliver health and wellness at an affordable cost.

Mothers and her babies

We Care

We care about all of our customers, and the quality of the products and services we deliver to your homes every month. We're available 7 days a week so we can be here for you and your children every step of the way for as long as you need us.

Enjoy Life

EverydayHappy was established to help moms and dads spend more time with their children. We love what we do, and it shines through not only our service, but in the feedback we get from the parents whose lives we’ve made a small difference in. We’re always happy to know our products put smiles on the faces of families all over the world.

Associate Member of Organic

We believe big changes start in small ways. We are a proud supporting member of the Organic Trade Association.

Cruelty Free

We share PETA's belief that all animals should be treated ethically. That's why we're certified cruelty-free, and always will be.