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Toxin-Free • Soft Cloth-Like Texture • Ultra Thin • Hypoallergenic • Fragrance-Free • Ultra Absorbent

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Diapers Designed to Do It All

We didn’t compromise when we created our diapers. Health, function, comfort, and style – all without a negative impact on the environment.


Strong, reusable tabs with a stretchy waistband for a non-constricting, dependable fit.


Super-absorbent polymer layer lets your baby’s skin breathe.

CPerfectly Sized

Sizes from newborn to toddler, with contoured waist and legs for a trim fit.

EverydayHappy Diapers Composition

A leakproof layer and a woven diaper guard for worry-free play.

ESFI Certified Wood Pulp

Harvested from sustainably managed USA forests, our absorbent wood pulp is elemental chlorine-free, preventing harmful dioxin formation.

Just the Right Size

With sizes for every stage, we’re ready to grow right along with your baby. Our trim fit won’t inhibit movement, so we can go wherever your baby wants to take us!

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Our EverydayHappy Diapers Are...


    Elemental chlorine-free to prevent dioxin and carcinogen formation.


    Soft cloth texture, stretchy re-fastenable grip tabs and contour elastics for comfort and mobility.


    Enhanced with super-absorbent polymers to wick moisture away from your baby’s skin.


    Specially constructed to allow natural air flow, reducing the risk of diaper rashes and discomfort.

Effective Wipes Made for Convenience

Eco-friendly and tossable is possible! We’ve created natural bamboo wipes that work great and don’t have a negative impact on the environment.


Stretchy and flexible to prevent tearing.

BNatural bamboo fiber

A soft, biodegradable and renewable resource.

CConvenient size

Made with easy-to-use, travel-friendly packaging.

EverydayHappy Diapers Composition
DPerfectly moist

With aloe vera and vitamin E, our wipes stay wet and won’t dry your baby’s skin.

EGentle on baby’s skin

Unscented and free of skin-irritating fragrances.

EverydayHappy Makes Diapering Easy

We know that diapering isn’t exactly a selling point of parenthood. That’s why we’ve designed natural and effective diapers and wipes to make it as simple as possible. Less mess means less stress, so give us a try!

Think you know how much you’re really spending on diapering each month?

We took data on what it costs parents to diaper their kids each month and what that money really gets them.

Mass Market Baby Brands Other Specialty Baby Brands
Based on current online market prices. Get Your Kit Now!
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Based on current online market prices.
Diapers, size N 1 month supply $89.70 300 Diapers* $95 - $130 315 Diapers $79.95 315 Diapers
Mass Market Baby Brands: $117.95
Wipes 1 month supply $9.85 320 Wipes $20 - $30 320 Wipes Complimentary 320 Wipes
Mass Market Baby Brands: $9.85
Shipping In-store pickup In-store pickup Everyday Lowest RateWorry-free convenient monthly deliverySkip the lineups!
Mass Market Baby Brands: In-store pickup
Total 1 month $99.55 $115 - $160 $85.90
Mass Market Baby Brands: $99.65
Diaper Fitting 5-6 sizes 6-7 sizes 7 sizes
Mass Market Baby Brands: 6 sizes
Cruelty Free
Mass Market Baby Brands: N/A
Naturally Derived
Mass Market Baby Brands: N/A
Customer Service Work days only 5 days a week, 8am-8pm EST Extended hours Weekdays 7AM - 11PM EST, Weekends 10AM - 6PM EST
Mass Market Baby Brands: Work days only
+ A little somethin' somethin' Advice at your fingertips, size adjustment service, flexible membership, exclusive newsletters and promotions
Mass Market Baby Brands: N/A