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Being a parent is the world’s toughest job! You don’t need to do it without help.

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Asking for help is a sign of strong parenting

Being a new parent is so many new things all at once. We know how joyful, clumsy, amazing and overwhelming it can be. We also know that, sometimes, you're so busy looking after your kids that you don't have time to look after yourself. You know what? That's normal.

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We're introducing a new place for you to turn when you are unable to tell the people closest to you about the struggles you're facing. We're offering a listening ear, someone to vent to and the chance to take a moment for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that we are not licensed counselors or medical professionals and your conversation may not be kept confidential. If you are in a crisis situation or need medical assistance, call 911 immediately. In addition to providing a place to share, we will be helping you to determine if we have products that may meet your needs.

We know what you're going through

Postpartum Depression

New moms can feel very alone, isolated, overwhelmed, and stressed. They can struggle with the “baby blues” or full-blown postpartum depression, body image concerns, difficulties with time management and feeling overwhelmed at everything there is to get done, and relationship concerns. Transitioning to being a stay-at-home mom is difficult, as is the return to work for moms who work outside the home. Getting any time for self-care is a constant challenge. All of these issues can be compounded by sleep deprivation, criticism from others, and loneliness. And of course, guilt about not being the “perfect” mom that you always wanted to be.

We can help you sort through and identify these issues, so you can feel confident and able to take the next step -- whether that be seeking a therapist, communicating with those around you, or feeling comfortable in taking some time for yourself.

Crying / Colic

Having a baby that won’t stop crying is every new mom’s nightmare. It's estimated that up to 40% of all infants have colic. It usually starts between the 3rd and 6th week after birth and ends by the time the baby is 3 to 4 months old. The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp is a great book to learn about ways to soothe fussy babies. Try the 5 Ss: Swaddle, side or stomach position, shush, swing, and suck (on a pacifier).

We can help you find coping mechanisms, be a place for you to vent about your frustration, and even provide stratgies for helping your baby self-soothe.

We Can Help You Tackle Issues Like:

  1. Baby Not Sleeping
  2. Mommy Body Image
  3. Handling Stress
  4. Dealing With Sleep Deprivation
  5. Relationship Strains
  6. Feeling Isolated / Lonely
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  1. Dealing With a Partner Who Doesn’t Help Out
  2. Dealing With Mom Guilt
  3. The Return to Work
  4. Finding a Caregiver
  5. Issues With Parents and In-Laws
  6. Anger Management

Breastfeeding Struggles

Though we’re not trained lactation consultants, we can help you with the emotional side of breastfeeding.

- Milk doesn’t come in right away
In reality, babies can go for many days waiting for their mothers’ milk to come in, just nursing on the colostrum, or high-vitamin liquid that is the pre-cursor to breast milk. Despite reassurances from professionals that baby is okay not eating right away, the truth is that baby can seem hungry when he gets home from the hospital or birthing center. If you need to give baby a bottle of formula in order to save your sanity, know that many moms do this and it tides their babies over till milk comes in the next day.

- Bloody or sore nipples
Nipple cream like Lansinoh can help with this, as well as taking a break from nursing and giving the baby to dad or someone else while you get some sleep. Leaving your bra and top off can also help heal nipples, as well as allowing breast milk to dry on them.

Remember, if you are feeling like hurting yourself, having erratic thoughts or are seriously ill, always call 911 right away. We’re here to listen, but aren’t able to provide in-depth medical help or psychiatry services.

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