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EverydayHappy Wellness Care Kit
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Your Health's Secret Weapon

You're so busy being an awesome parent that you might not have time to be awesome to yourself. Our health supplements are your safety net and fill in dietary gaps to keep you on your A game.


Boost your immune system, promote good cell health and kickstart your metabolism.

B16 Vitamins and Minerals

Filled with carefully tested essential nutrients to help protect your health -- A, B-complex, C, and D vitamins, calcium, iron and zinc to name a few!

EverydayHappy Multivitamins Composition

Encourages improved heart strength, stimulates healthy brain development and improves hair, skin and nails.

D100% Pure Fish Oil

Rich in docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) acids, these polyunsaturated fatty acids boost good cholesterols to help keep your arteries clean. [1]

Get the Most Out of Parenthood

Taking a holistic approach to your health and diet with our supplements means you're better prepared to do what you gotta do -- be parents!

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EverydayHappy Omega-3 1000mg
EverydayHappy Omega-3 1000mg

Benefits of Our Health Supplements


    Our lab is a GMP-Certified [2] facility, compliant with ISO 22000:2005 [3] Food Safety Standards. We're also BRC Global Standards [4] approved.


    Make the most of your sleep by ensuring a great diet with our supplements. Studies show that a well-balanced, varied diet provides better sleep. [6] [7]


    We use wild anchovies for the purest, naturally sourced fish oils. Smaller fish are lower on the food chain, and have less opportunity for mercury contamination. [5]


    Perfectly balanced to keep your body happy, our Wellness Care Kit has enough capsules and tablets to give you a whole month’s worth of health.


Our supplements are produced in a common allergen-free facility. They're perfect for more sensitive bodies.


EverydayHappy Multivitamins are carefully formulated to fill nutritional gaps in your diet.

We’ve worked hard to bring you an easy-to-swallow, gentle vitamin that helps protect your organs, critical body structures and immune system. Each multivitamin contains the perfect amounts of:

Ingredient Description
Vitamin A Critical for vision and organ health.
Vitamin B1 Thiamine helps with cognitive function, and is also a mood and energy booster.
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin maintains cell health and produces energy for the body.
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine hydrochloride reduces risk of heart attack and helps prevent heart disease.
Vitamin B12 Plays an essential role in healthy red blood cell production.
Vitamin C For growth and repair of body tissues, cartilage, bones and teeth as well as helping wounds heal.
Vitamin D Promotes calcium absorption for healthy bones and teeth.
Calcium Supports bone structure and function, and helps prevent osteoporosis.
Phosphorus For improved digestion, hormonal balance and bone health.
Iron Essential for overall health, and a part of the hemoglobin needed to transport oxygen in the body.
Magnesium Helps prevent high blood pressure and promote healthy heart rhythms.
Zinc Impotant in regulating immune system functions and also aids memory.
Manganese For treating weak bones, anemic blood and PMS symptoms.
Potassium Has been shown to lower blood pressure, and promote cardiovascular and kidney health.
Nicotinamide Integral in energy production, and may help prevent type 1 diabetes, as well as some cancers.
Pantothenate Acid Helps the body process carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

EverydayHappy Makes Wellness Easy

Our daily Multivitamins and Omega-3s are made to nourish your body and keep you feeling great. A happy, healthy, beautiful life starts on the inside, so bundle up some Wellness Care of your own!